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About Us / Bios

Ernie Apolinar / Bass Guitar / Vocals

Ernie has been playing music for over 35 years. He is self-taught in many different styles of music, such as, funk, latin, country and western, oldies, tex mex, rock, hip-hop. He likes to challenge himself to keep learning more every day and he looks at it as a privilege to make music and nothing satisfies him more than making people happy with his music. From ALL the musicians he’s played with over the years, Ernie listened and learned, and won't hesitate to give his knowledge to anyone who needs it or wants it, or to be corrected when he’s wrong. Ernie’s main goal in playing music as it should be for all musicians, is to make it sound right.


Holly Holverson / Keyboards

Holly comes to The Mighty Nice Band as a professional keyboarder with a Bachelors in Music, piano performance, from Boise State University.   She also has a Master of Music, piano performance, from the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley.  Her post-graduate study was in a jazz/commercial music certification program from University of Denver. Holly has performed actively since 1991 within the community.  She has toured and performed throughout the country with a plethora of local and nationally known bands/artists.   Some of those include artists such as The Drifters, Tito Puente, The Coasters, The Platters, The Temptations, Bobby Blue Band, Bo Diddley, Midnight Star, The Manhattans, Freddie Henchi Band and many more. Holly has performed in many genres such as soloist, accompanist, or band member.  She has performed for various wedding ceremonies such as Christian, Judaic and others less traditional to our culture.  She plays many forms of jazz such as main stream, bebop, swing, show tunes modal, jazz fusion, and contemporary.  She has been an accompanist for many years playing for recitals, juries, church choirs, and music theaters.  She is experienced in the sounds of R&B/Funk (Motown, Oldies, “Old School”, Soul, etc.). Her additional forms of music consist of blues/boogie woogie/stride, latin/salsa, classic and progressive rock, top 40/pop as well as music for worship for traditional, contemporary and gospel forms. Holly has a strong commitment to deliver a high quality service and has an equally strong passion for what she does.  She has had the discipline to practice several hours a day for decades, having honed her technique and craft.  Her years of experience in a number of musical environments has created a profoundly unique highly diverse musical persona.  Her years of formal study have fostered a firm command of the instrument, good sight reading skills and a strong sense of rhythm.  Holly’s goal is to support and enhance the situation at hand and all who participate.


Myco Johnson / Drums



Patricio Romero / Lead Guitar